Dive into the future of cybersecurity training with our groundbreaking video game – specially designed for budding pentesters and digital forensics experts at all levels. Experience the thrill of real-world cybersecurity challenges in an apocalyptic setting, where learning and action seamlessly merge. This game offers an immersive environment where you can hone your skills by navigating through intense and realistic cyber threats. Perfect for those who seek to sharpen their abilities while enjoying the adrenaline rush of an action-packed adventure. Get ready to transform into a formidable cybersecurity warrior, equipped to tackle the digital battlegrounds of tomorrow.

  • Sylvarcon Plan: Sylvarcon Ultimate
  • $ 349
    • Difficulty Levels: Easy | Medium | Hard
    • Certifications: Beginner | Professional | Expert in Digital Forensics & Pentesting
    • Challenges: 90 Total (39 VM Pentesting, 6 Static, 45 Digital Forensics)
    • Walkthroughs: Video & Written for All Challenges
    • Courses: Comprehensive Digital Forensics & Pentesting Videos/Tutorials
    • Tools: Includes Pre-Configured Kali Box
    • New! Unity CTF Client: Engage with CTF challenges for Ethan & Claire locally via Cloud platform.

    “Unlock the Next Level of CTF with Our Unity-based Gaming Client: Transform Your Cybersecurity Learning into an Immersive Gaming Experience and Elevate Your Skills. Unlock your Potential” 

A New Way to
Learn: Certified by
Industry Professionals

Step into an innovative realm of cybersecurity training with our unique video game. Designed for aspiring pentesters and digital forensics analysts of all levels, this game redefines learning by integrating real-world cybersecurity challenges in an apocalyptic setting. Engage in an action-packed journey while acquiring valuable skills, all under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Each challenge and level completion brings you closer to receiving certifications endorsed by industry experts, validating your expertise in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Prepare to transform into a cybersecurity warrior, armed not only with theoretical knowledge but also practical, hands-on experience.


Immerse yourself in the thrilling gameplay, narrated in dynamic English voiceovers and intensified with captivating subtitles in both Spanish and English – a truly engaging experience awaits!