Threatia Studios have developed a new concept to transform long, complex and tedious sessions into stimulating learning via gaming. Take a pause now and fully immerse yourself in a pure gaming adventure and radically enhance your cybersecurity skills.


Welcome to the powered biotech research and nanotechnology enterprise. Chemical warfare agents by a terrorist group against a civilian population has become a reality rather than a nightmare scenario. Meet the tycoons of the new world and fight against them


It is a dreadful situation: a deadly virus has been released, and a global network has been deployed to monitor and control the situation. Citizens do not have any rights anymore. Fortunately, networks can be hacked. Meet the mysterious SHAX community.

SLYVARCON: Capital City

Ground zero of the world pandemic. People have no hope at the moment in this status-level based society. The deadly virus travels around the globe in yearly winter epidemics of varying magnitude. Wake up! Gather digital shreds of evidence and hack through the systems. Happy Hacking.

Some fresh air!

“I’ve tested the beta version and I have to say that I’m impatiently looking forward to see the final version, and to meet Claire.”


Looking for something different?

"I’m sure that this new system of learning will attract more people into cybersecurity"

Head of Training


"These guys have done it again, the team is awesome, they have managed to build a graphical adventure into a learning platform. These guys have raised the level. Excited to see the final result "

Justin Williams